Sunday, August 7, 2022

Qualcomm alledgedly gets licence to sell chipsets to Huawei

Chinese media claims that Qualcomm has licensed to sell chipsets to Chinese firm Huawei, which is currently facing restrictions from USA authorities.

Lately, we have learned that Huawei is facing a shortage of Kirin 900 series after TSMC has reportedly stopped working with Huawei due to the USA’s ban. On August 7th, at the 2020 Summit of China, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei’s Kirin chips will be “out of stock” soon. Huawei’s launch of the Mate 40 series could be the last Kirin-powered smartphone series by Huawei; the report further pointed out.

Chinese media possesses a new report claiming that Qualcomm has already received a license to work with the Huawei supply chain. This could be major progress for the future smartphones of Huawei if it goes true; however, no official document is available to confirm this deal. According to a report from Chinese publication 36kr, a source close to Huawei said that Qualcomm has been licensed to supply Huawei, which means that Huawei’s P and Mate high-end series will get the Snapdragon flagship processors.

Some earlier reports had pointed out that Qualcomm is not able to provide enough quantity to match the requirements of both Huawei and its subsidiary Honor. There is no doubt that Huawei is running a huge business. Hence, it is always challenging to supply that number of chips for any of the suppliers, doesn’t matter how big the size of Qualcomm’s supply chain is.

Currently, Snapdragon parent company Qualcomm seems to deliver only high-end chipsets to Huawei. It will be interesting to see how the company manages its mid-range devices. Overall, if the Chinese media’s claim is authentic, we might be seeing the Snapdragon 875 chipsets in the upcoming Huawei smartphones. What are your thoughts? Do let’s know in the below comment section!


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