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Kissanime – Alternative Websites to Watch Free Anime Online (2021)

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Were you a regular user of the KissAnime website? If your answer is yes, then there is no doubt that you’re an Anime lover. But the real KissAnime website is no more in the business. It can’t be used to stream anime anymore.

But anime addiction is something that can’t be left behind. It is even a serious part of some anime lover’s daily life. Stop watching anime can’t be an option. Here, I am with some of the best KissAnime alternatives for the online anime streaming experience.

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What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is an online streaming website to watch anime online for free. It was initially started in 2012 to download anime videos with its official domain name KissAnime.Com. Soon after, the official “.com” domain was taken down due to copyright issues.

Later, it came up with KissAnime.Ru, functioning fine until 14 August 2020, when Japanese authorities ordered to delete all the available content. After eight years of existence, the company ended up with a complete shutdown. In the current scenario, the official website is down.

KissAnime Working Proxy & Mirror Websites

There are some mirror and proxy sites online that claim to originate from the official source. We will discuss working proxy & mirror websites in this article. However, we can’t confirm the authenticity, but you can stream free anime online on these websites.

Alongside, there is a risk of losing privacy. Therefore, we advise you to use VPN to stream these websites. Here is the list of some of the working proxy and mirror websites of KissAnime in 2021:


KissAnime Alternatives to Watch Free Anime

KissAnime alternative is another option to substitute the original KissAnime website. Here is the list of some of the best alternatives of Kissanime to watch free anime online on internet:

#1 Anime Freak

Starting our list with Anime Freak, the website is extremely popular in providing high-quality anime content. The Anime Freak has one of the largest databases. It is capable of offering tons of animes.


The website currently owns more than 10,000 anime series, which is continuously increasing with each day passing. It has all the classic anime series and provides the latest episodes of all the currently active animes.


#2 GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime can’t be missed if we are talking anything about anime in the online world. The GoGoAnime website has a great score in providing a wide variety of anime, from the latest to the rarest ones.


If you’re obsessed with the newly launched seasons of your favorite anime, then its New Seasons tab will definitely grab your attention. It consists of all the latest seasons of the popular ongoing anime series. I highly recommend you to visit this site if you’re looking for a top-notch KissAnime alternative.


#4 9Anime

9Anime is the most trusted and reliable anime streaming website that can easily replace the KissAnime anime streaming website. The 9Anime website has a huge number in terms of anime shows. It has more than 26000 Anime series and movies to watch for absolutely free.


The 9Anime doesn’t compromise on the quality of its anime content. It lets you stream the anime series in the best possible 720p and 1080p video qualities, along with English dubbing and subbing of the Japanese series. Definitely add the 9Anime website to your checklist of KissAnime alternatives.


#5 Horriblesubs

The website has a pretty funky name, but apart from that, Horriblesubs is one decent place to watch online anime for free and replace the KissAnime website without any doubt. The website comes loaded with tons of quality-driven episodes and movies of classic, new and popular anime franchises.

The Horriblesubs website also allows its user to download whichever season/episode of their favorite anime on their device for free of cost. If you’re looking for an online anime streaming website that also provides a facility to download, then definitely try Horriblesubs.


#6 Aniwatcher

Another KissAnime alternative has a portfolio of thousands of anime series and one of the most frequently updated anime databases. The Aniwatcher website is an unimaginable paradise for an anime lover looking for a premium online anime streaming service without spending a single penny.


The website has an extensive list of newly added, ongoing, and completed anime series that can be watched easily without any fee. It is absolutely free to watch free Anime online on Anilinkz.


#7 Animelab

AnimeLab is an extremely popular and one of the most widely used online anime streaming destinations. The website lets you stream the anime in HD quality without any fee. The Animelab also has one of the most actively updated databases of anime content. If you are looking for the best KissAnime alternative, then Animelab is one of the finest replacements for KissAnime.


The website has a new series and episodes of popular anime added to it every week, along with a load of already available new and rare anime series. The website is also very user-friendly and well segregated to make the user feel comfortable and easy to find any specific type of anime. It has well-categorized sections, which are further divided into subsections.


#8 Masterani

It wouldn’t be wrong to say Masterani, a real master in the online anime streaming market. The Masterani is a pretty substantial site to be used as a KissAnime alternative. The only requirement it asks is the updated flash player on your device to access the online player.

Flash player is not an exclusive thing to have, and hence it’s just straightforward to use Masterani. The website is capable of providing the best regular updates of the ongoing popular animes. It has a full-fledged Scheduled section from where you can track the animes that are going to be uploaded in the future.


#9 Anime Ultima

The Anime Ultima is another free streaming website that can stream free anime online in the best possible quality. Its users get access to thousands of anime series and movies in dubbed and subbed versions with no hectic.

The Anime Ultima website has a dedicated chatroom that all the website users can use to share their views, opinions and exchange their thoughts on animes. It is a complete anime fans environment on this website.


#10 AnimeFrenzy

Anime Frenzy can also be your next one-stop destination to stream free anime series and movies of high quality. The name is not much popular. But believe me, it is worth trying the website. It has one best collections of anime series on the internet provided for free. The website has a very nice segmentation of anime content.


This segment gets new members in the form of the latest episodes and movies regularly. The website also offers a chat room to share your opinions and thoughts about your favorite anime or manga. You can also get some of the best anime and manga recommendations from there as well.


#11 Kimcartoon

Kimcartoon is one of the finest websites to watch anime for free. Indeed, it is for those who are in extreme love with anime videos & TV shows. The website has an excellent set of features that are always expected from an online streaming website. All in all, Kimcartoon is a definitive replacement for KissAnime.


Just like other free streaming websites, it keeps changing domains regularly. Hence, you can keep visiting this page as soon as the older domain stopped working. We will try to update this article with new and working free anime streaming domains. The largest collection of TV shows makes Kimcartoon a good choice for Anime lovers. Some of the most popular TV shows, such as Big City Greens, Steven Universe, Rick & Morty, South Park, and Adventure Time, are already available to watch on Kimcartoon.


#12 Chia-Anime

Another good alternative to the Kissanime website is Chia-Anime. The website is not just limited to serving high-quality Anime series but also Japanese Manga series as well.


The website’s content is undoubted one of the best in the business, which also provides a proper set of subtitles of non-dubbed anime series. It is an advantage and will help a lot of anime fans.


KissAnime Legal Alternatives

Below is the list of legal premium KissAnime alternates to stream anime online:

#1 Crunchyroll

The Crunchyroll website is in the business since as early as 2006. It is one of the finest KissAnime legal alternatives with the largest databases of anime series. This database is no more limited to just anime content. It has also reached other content in different languages, including English and Japanese.


Talking specifically about the anime department of Crunchyroll, they have about 15000 hours’ of officially licensed content in the best possible quality, like 720p and 1080p. However, if you think that all of the content is free, then there is a catch. Crunchyroll has some of the content available for free, and for the paid content, the premium version is needed to be bought.


#2 Funimation

Looking for a premium anime-focused streaming service other than Crunchyroll? Then try the Funimation. Funimation is the second premium listing on our list that can be easily used as a KissAnime alternative, but in a manner where you’ll have to pay for the content.


The Funimation website claims that it creates extraordinary anime experiences for tens of millions of people worldwide. That means the website is being used by millions of anime fans across the globe. You can also try Funimation, your new premium anime streaming service.


#3 Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet is capable of serving almost all the old and new anime series in high quality. The website’s homepage is pretty self-explaining, and all the available content is sorted in a well-categorized manner.


There are sections like Popular this week, Newest Recommendations, and more to get the anime you want. Hence, whether the anime is old or the latest, you’ll be able to reach there easily.


#4 Contv

The ConTV is another paid service to watch animated movies and web series across the internet. It arrives with a good database of TV comics and animated movies specifically targeting the USA audience. Most of its content is available in English dubbed language.


It is designed to watch mixed content with various movies and TV shows. But there is a specific section for animated videos for all the platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. You should give it a try if you live in the USA. Other countries can break the restrictions with the help of VPN.


#5 Netflix

Netflix doesn’t require any introduction when it comes to streaming online. It is the world’s largest platform for watching videos and movies online. However, it is mostly focused on traditional movies and web series. But alongside, you have access to stream anime content.


It isn’t highly recommended for anime lovers, but you should take it as an alternative if other options are not working in your region. Netflix has its presence in almost all the counties around the globe. It is available at a reasonable price with high-quality content. Hence, you can give it a try if you aren’t using it already.


#6 Disney Plus

Disney is one of the finest producers of animated movies and TV shows. You must have watched Disney-produced tv shows in your childhood. It is a prevalent name in various countries. The company has designed its OTT platform to deliver high-quality content at affordable subscription prices.


The company has tied with other platforms to distribute its content in different regions. You can watch animated movies and popular tv shows on Disney Plus. Its availability on almost all devices makes it a good option to stream online cartoons hassle-free. Alongside, you can watch various other movies.


KissAnime – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best KissAnime Alternative?

There is no single website that can be named in context to answer this question. I have compiled a list of the best KissAnime alternatives. Each alternative has its own unique ability and feature that can help different anime lovers. In my personal opinion, Chia-Anime, 9Anime, and Anime-Planet are some of my favorite KissAnime Alternatives.

What is the KissAnime official Reddit page?

There is no official page for KissAnime. But you can get the latest updates regarding KissAnime by following this KissAnime subreddit.

Is KissAnime illegal?

It’s a pretty controversial question. Looking from an anime franchisee owner’s perspective, such websites seem to affect mine’s revenue. These websites don’t have the right to distribute the unlicensed content publically, and it comes under piracy.

But it is a fact that none of the content is of KissAnime. It provides the content hosted on legal sites like Google and OpenLoad. Hence, KissAnime is basically compiling the already available content on the internet.

What is the KissAnime official website?

KissAnime.Com was the official website. Later, it was replaced with KissAnime.Ru. Currently, there is no official website running after the shut down of KissAnime.Ru on 14 August 2020.

Why is KissAnime down?

Due to the unlicensed content, KissAnime faced several copyright strikes over the years. That was the main reason behind the KissAnime down, which took place last year on the 14th of August, as we have mentioned earlier.

Is KissAnime Safe?

As far as the real and genuine KissAnime website is concerned, there are no privacy or data breaching cases. The website doesn’t ask for any personal details, so you can assume the KissAnime website to be mostly safe. However, if you’re using a clone KissAnime website, there is no surety of safety.

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Bottom Line

So, these were some of the best online anime streaming websites that you can use in place of KissAnime. Every listed KissAnime alternative has its own set of features that makes the anime-watching experience better.

Some of them are even better than KissAnime, in my personal opinion. You can try these online anime streaming platforms, and I am sure that you’ll find one of your interests very easily and will no more miss the KissAnime website.


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