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Best 64GB RAM Laptops in 2022 [Ultimate Performance]

Looking for a 64GB RAM laptop? Here is our list of best laptops with massive 64GB RAM to buy in 2022.

Are you in search of a 64GB RAM laptop? Then you are possibly on the right track. But the real question should be, do you even need that amount of RAM? Frankly speaking, it’s not always necessary. A common RAM offering for high-end tasks is 16GB. But for demanding tasks such as 4K video editing, 3D rendering, and running other demanding software, you can stretch this chunk to 32GB. But 64GB RAM on a laptop is overwhelming.

To avoid any potential risk for the go task, we are here with 64GB RAM. However, there are limited options available in the market, but we have tried to pick the best possible combinations to make this list more versatile. As far as gaming is concerned, it relies on Video Memory than standard RAM consumption.

Moreover, while running high-end games such as Far Cry 5, and Metro Exodus, you will never feel a shortage of RAM, and a big chunk of RAM will not make any significant difference. Overall, having 64GB of RAM on any laptop will be overkill. But if you are fond of high RAM, we have prepared a list of the best 64GB RAM laptops. Without any further delay, let’s come to the main point!

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Top 10 Best 64GB RAM Laptops to Buy in 2022

Here is our list of the best 64GB RAM laptops available in the market right now to buy in 2022:

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 – Best 64GB RAM Gaming Laptop

This is apparently the most powerful laptop available on this list and is slightly expensive compared to other laptops. The most crucial part of the device is its powerful hardware allotment. It boasts a compelling AMD 5000 series Ryzen 7 5800H processor, which arrives with 8 cores and 16 threads structure making it a suitable pick for multi-threaded tasks. The processor is manufactured on a highly power-efficient 7nm processing node with a 3.2GHz base clock speed, which can be overclocked up to 4.4GHz.

ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 (2021)
ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 (2021)

  • Display: 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080p (300Hz)
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 3080
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD

Additionally, it combines a whopping Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card, which is the most powerful offering under RTX 30 series with 8GB GDDR6 Video RAM. The gameplay appears realistic with real-time rendering. Overall, this is a remarkable combination of CPU & GPU to deliver top-notch performance. The provided backlit keyboard support RBG lighting effects taking the gaming experience to the next level. At the front, there is a 15.6-inch Full HD display at a 300Hz refresh rate.

More importantly, the provided panel supports 100% sRGB coverage and 75.35% Adobe colors coverage at a 3ms response time. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent display for productivity tasks with satisfactory color accuracy for game development, AutoCAD, 4K Video Editing, and more. This machine definitely deserves to have 64GB RAM if you want to run high memory consumption applications. As far as storage is concerned, there is a built-in 2TB SSD storage to store large files. Overall, this is a great offering with 64GB RAM pre-supplied.

  • Beast Ryzen 7 Processor
  • Best in Class Graphics
  • Massive RAM & Storage
  • RGB Keyboard
  • Satisfactory Design
  • Expensive Price Range But Worthy

Apple MacBook Pro – Best for Productivity

Apple doesn’t need any introduction, and its MacBook series is one of the most popular laptop series around the globe. Most of the big corporations rely on Apple laptops to fulfill their computing needs. The Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch is a compelling laptop with 64GB RAM. The core purpose of this machine is productivity, and people mostly use the “Pro” series for content creation, such as video editing, music dubbing, and various other professional tasks.

Apple Macbook Pro 16
Apple Macbook Pro 16

  • Display: 16-inch 3072 x 1920p IPS
  • Processor: 9th Gen Intel Core i9
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD

The laptop houses a 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor with a base clock speed of 2.4GHz. The chipset offers great power and flexibility, and Apple’s macOS tuning takes the performance to the next never. It is a fact that Apple is working very closely with Intel for additional modifications to tune up its operating system. That is the reason Apple laptops produce excellent performance compared to Windows laptops. Furthermore, it packs AMD Radeon Pro 5500M GPU with a dedicated memory of 8GB GDDR6 and 128-bit architecture.

The GPU combination is enough to manage the graphics-intensive tasks. On top of it, there is 64GB DDR4 RAM and 2TB SSD storage. It definitely sparkles at the memory front. Speaking of the design, it is a robust aluminum body, which is lightweight either. We can’t complain about body construction because Apple is known for sleek and thin business laptops. The battery life is impressive, too, as this laptop can easily last up to 10 hours. Overall, it is a pretty good choice if you are a professional with 64GB RAM supplied out of the box.

  • Exception Display
  • Adequate Audio output
  • Top-Notch Performance
  • Perfect for Productivity
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Noisy Fans
  • Expensive

Dell Inspiron 17 7706 – Best 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop

This is another business laptop from the well-renowned brand dell. If you are looking for a convertible 2-in-1 convertible laptop with 64GB, there is no better choice than the Dell Inspiron. Belonging to the Dell Inspiron 7000 series, the laptop has a 17-inch display offering exceptionally sharp QHD resolution at 2560 x 1600 pixels. The touchscreen display is responsive with great viewing angles and clear & crystal visuals reproduction and flexible with the 360-degree convertible mechanism. The panel is remarkably good with excellent touch responsiveness and the production of sharp perceptible.

Dell Inspiron 17 7706
Dell Inspiron 17 7706

  • Display: 17-inch 2560 x 1600p QHD
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce MX350
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD

Speaking of the core hardware, Intel’s latest 11th generation i7 processor backs this device and a dedicated Nvidia GeForce MX350 graphics card. However, GPU is comparatively less powerful than GTX or RTX series, but it can easily handle some intensified graphics. Apart from that, the offering of 64GB RAM makes it fascinating for those looking for a high RAM laptop. But I don’t think this laptop can utilize this component. The provided storage is 2TB SSD. Altogether, this is a prominent convertible laptop with 64GB RAM.

This is a Windows 10 Pro-driven device and unlocks some professional features offered by Windows. As far as audio is concerned, dual stereo speakers support Waves MaxxAudio Pro producing decent sound output. Other than that, it enables WiFi 6 support and a Thunderbolt 4 port. Collectively, it is a decent 64GB RAM laptop with updated hardware.

  • Sharp QHD Touchscreen
  • 11th Gen i7 Processor
  • Massive RAM
  • Thunderbolt 4 Support
  • Premium Business Laptop
  • Slugginess in Graphics-Intensive Tasks

Acer Predator Helios 300 – Affordable Gaming Option

Acer Predator is a well-known gaming series, and Predator Helio 300 is a powerful gaming laptop with 64GB RAM. Apart from 64GB RAM, other hardware features are impressive either. It is designed for the immersive gaming experience. A compelling Intel Core i7 10th generation CPU backs this device along with Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU with 6GB GDDR6 VRAM. This great combination accomplishes an extremely flawless gaming experience.

Acer Predator Helio 300
Acer Predator Helio 300

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080p (144Hz)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD

Moreover, internal storage packs a 1TB SSD stick and 64GB DDR4 RAM, which is the major highlight of this device. There is a bigger 17.3-inch Full HD display at a 144Hz refresh rate with good viewing angles and sharp visuals. Apart from that, there is no compromise made in the design. The presence of a Backlit keyboard is another positive aspect of this device. All the essential connectivity options are available, along with WiFi 6 support. Overall, it is a conventional gaming machine with 64GB RAM. Apart from that, the laptop costs under $2000, which is a decent offering for a 64GB gaming laptop.

  • Latest & Powerful Processor
  • High Refresh Rate Display
  • RTX Series Graphics
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Notable Heating Issues
  • Louder Fan Noise

Dell Inspiron 5502 – Best for Casual Multitasking

This is another Dell laptop with 64GB RAM belonging to the Dell Inspiron 5000 series. The laptops boast an 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor, which brings four cores and eight threads formation. This is a Tiger Lake series chipset with a base clock speed of 2.8GHz, which can go as high as 4.7GHz using the Turbo Boost technology.

Dell Inspiron 5502
Dell Inspiron 5502

  • Display: 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080p Full HD
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • Graphics Card: Intel Iris Xe
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB NVMe SSD

Even after lacking the dedicated GPU, the Intel Iris Xe graphics card is integrated to handle the graphics-hungry tasks. Being a business laptop, the weight is under control weighing less than 4lbs. This super sleek machine offers a backlit keyboard unit and fingering sensor embedded on the power button. At first glance, its design looks adorable with robust building material. The front surrounding is also loaded with a 15.6-inch Full HD display at 1920 x 1080p resolution. This is just an ordinary panel that we can expect in this price range.

Besides, it packs 64GB DDR4 RAM, which is the major highlight of this device. It further adds 2TB SSD storage to store your important data. There is an HD webcam installed on the front view suitable for video conferencing and live streaming. Overall, it is a cheaper 64GB RAM machine with decent hardware and software tuning.

  • Intel 11th Gen Processor
  • HD Webcam
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Thin & Lightweight Body
  • Pre-Installed Bloatware

MSI GE75 Raider 17 – Bigger & Better

This laptop beats the chart of being the best 64GB RAM under the hood. The MSI GE75 Raider has got exceptional hardware. It adapts the 10th generation Intel Core i7 processor with a maximum clock speed of 5.0GHz and a six-core structure. In terms of GPU, there is Nvidia RTX 2070 graphics card bringing 8GB GDDR6 Video RAM. The combination of CPU & GPU is more than enough to tackle any task you throw to it. Undoubtedly, it is a powerful gaming laptop.

MSI GE75 Raider 17
MSI GE75 Raider 17

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080p (144Hz)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 2070
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB SSD + 1TB HDD

Apart from gaming, it further shines in the productivity department. The laptop arrives with a 17.3-inch Full HD display at a 144Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB coverage. It produces color accurate visuals with good color collaborations, making it a suitable choice for content creation. You can enhance your productivity if you are into 4K video editing, 3D rendering, or professional photography.

Apart from that, the laptop offers 64GB RAM DDR4, which is just insane from a memory perspective. Usually, you don’t need that much RAM to perform any task, but bigger is always better to avoid potential apps overkilling. Moreover, two storage drives are installed; one is a 1TB SSD, while another is a 1TB HDD. So, it will never let you feel out of storage. Other notable features include RGB Backlit Keyboard, Windows 10 OS, excellent construction, WiFi 6 support, and the presence of necessary connectivity ports.

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Bigger 17 Inch Display
  • Whopping Storage
  • RGB Backlit Keyboard
  • Poor Battery Life

HP 17T – Best Touchscreen Laptops with 64GB RAM

HP 17T is another viable option if you are looking for a touchscreen laptop with 64GB RAM. The laptop comes with a 17.3-inch Full HD touchscreen panel at 1920 x 1080p resolution. The display is touch responsive and brings acceptable viewing angles. The latest 11th generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor is powered by a quad-core CPU with a maximum clock speed of up to 4.7GHz. The chipset is designed for optimal performance by reducing power consumption because it is built on a 10nm SuperFin processing node.

HP 17T
HP 17T

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080p Touchscreen
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • Graphics Card: Intel Iris XE Graphics G7
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD

However, it lacks a dedicated graphics unit, but the integrated Intel Iris XE GPU is sufficient for casual multi-tasking. Inside, there is a 64GB RAM stick with a 2TB SSD store. Collectively, provided memory and storage make it an ideal choice for business class people. Apart from that, the device runs on Windows 10 operating system. The laptop is made of plastic, but the body construction seems to be durable. At the front, there is a backlit keyboard and an HD webcam at the top corner. The provided camera belongs of good quality and can be used for video conferencing and streaming.

Overall, this is a business laptop with 64GB RAM and decent battery life. Its bigger display can be handy for productivity tasks, such as drawing, video editing, photo editing, and many others. Collectively, this is a mighty machine with fully up-to-date hardware and massive 64GB RAM. There are other variants available at a lower price. So, if your requirement is not high, you can definitely consider those options barely costing $1200 or more, depending upon which variant you have chosen.

  • Powerful 11th gen processor
  • Full HD Touchscreen Display
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Good Storage Space
  • Plastic Body
  • Average Battery

HP Omen 15 – Powerful Gaming Laptop

The HP Omen is famous for its immersive gaming capabilities, and there is no exception with HP Omen 15. As the name suggests, there is a 15.6-inch Full HD display at a 144Hz refresh rate. The display seems to be of very good quality, and its easy handling makes it a portable machine. But, still, this laptop is on the heavier side, weighing more than 5lbs. Moreover, the provided panel is decently color accurate with 100% sRGB coverage.

HP Omen 15
HP Omen 15

  • Display: 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080p (144Hz)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H
  • Graphics: Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB VRAM
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD

So, there shouldn’t be any problem with running productivity tasks, something like AutoCAD, Game Development, 4K Video Editing, Photoshop, and many others. In addition, the laptop houses a compelling Intel Core i7-10750H, which belongs to the 10th generation. The CPU department comes in very handy to boost performance. On top of it, there is Nvidia RTX 3070 graphics card installed with 8GB GDDR6 Video RAM. The presence of a potent graphics card magnifies the overall gaming experience.

On the memory front, it begs 64GB DDR4 RAM as expected. Considering the storage, there is sufficient storage space available with 2TB SSD storage installed inside. Particularly speaking about the design, it is a very uniquely designed laptop, and solid body construction makes it even better. To intensify the gaming action, it further adds an RGB-supported backlit keyboard. Apart from that, this machine supports the Thunderbolt port to enhance connectivity abilities. All in all, this is a remarkable gaming laptop with 64GB RAM.

  • Powerful CPU & GPU
  • 100% sRGB Coverage
  • Stunning Performance
  • Adequate RAM & Storage
  • Battery Could Be Better
  • Not So Impressive Audio

CUK ROG Strix G17 – Bigger Display Gaming Laptop

Last but not least, CUK ROG Strix G17 is our final choice on this list. It is another gaming laptop that comes with 64GB RAM fitted out of the box. The laptop sports a bigger 17.3-inch Full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate. As far as color accuracy is concerned, this panel provides 100% RGB and 72% NTSC coverage, making it a highly color-accurate display. You shouldn’t worry about performing some productivity tasks, such as video editing, 3D rendering, and so on.

CUK ROG Strix G17
CUK ROG Strix G17

  • Display: 17.3-inch 1920 x 1080p (144Hz)
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia RTX 3060
  • RAM: 64GB DDR4
  • Storage: 2TB NVMe SSD

Moreover, it also holds a powerful AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor, which belongs to the latest AMD 5000 series. This chipset has an octa-core CPU with a base clock speed of 3.3GHz, which goes up to 4.6GHz. More important, it is highly power efficient due to the 7nm processing node. With a powerful CPU, the graphics card is equally important. That is why I bring a powerful RTX 3060 GPU. As we already know, this is best in class GPU. So, you can expect excellent gaming performance.

Additionally, there is 64GB RAM and whopping 2TB SSD storage to store data internally.  Being a Windows machine, it runs on Windows 10 operating system out of the box. Subsequently, it has a sturdy body with multi-color backlit keyboard support. All the necessary ports are available. All in all, this is a combination of productivity and gaming, making it all in one choice with 64GB RAM.

  • Color-Accurate Display
  • Good for Productivity
  • Potent Processor
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Remarkable Storage Space
  • Lack of Battery
  • GPU could have been batter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I really need 64GB RAM for casual multi-tasking?

No, it is unnecessary to have 64GB RAM for casual multitasking; neither will improve the overall multi-tasking experience. 64GB RAM is insane for any kind of task.

How will 64GB RAM make a difference in gaming?

The 64GB RAM will not make any significant difference as gaming relies on graphics memory rather than standard RAM. So, you should batter to find a powerful GPU rather than having more RAM.

Final Conclusion

If you are carefully reading the content, you might have already decided to buy the best 64GB RAM laptops. If you are directly diving into a conclusion, we are here to share our opinion. As per our choice, if your primary requirement is gaming, Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 is there to serve you, including some other pretty nice options such as Acer Predator Helio 300. I don’t think you are finding a 64GB RAM laptop for just gaming.

Apple Macbook Pro 16 and CUK ROG Strix G17 are suitable options with highly color-accurate displays to fulfill the demand for productivity. The color-accurate display allows you to finish your work if you are a content creator. You can easily edit your videos, 3D rendering, 4k video editing, game development, AutoCAD, Photoshop, and other similar stuff that require good color collaboration. Apart from that, there are some options available for enhanced multitasking, including HP 17T, and Dell Inspiron 5502.

In Addition, there is a convertible laptop available with 64GB named Dell Inspiron 7706. Overall, we have made this list diversified for different people. But we will not suggest you go for a 64GB RAM laptop unless you perform really demanding tasks. What are your thoughts? Do let’s know in the below comment section!

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